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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Fire Resistant Glass - Tripleseal IG Ltd
Fire Resistant Glass - Tripleseal IG

There are many differing types of glass available in areas where resistance to fire is required, the level of protection required falls in to the following two categories.

Integrity Only - Tripleseal IG

The Integrity of a glass is the time it can stay intact during a fire, it is available in 30 minutes or 60 minutes options.

Integrity & Insulation - Tripleseal IG

Insulated fire resistant glass retains it’s integrity but also measures the amount of time it can limit temperature rise on the non-fire side.  Glasses from 30/30 to 120/120 minutes are available in various thickness.

Choosing the correct fire glass is critical and will only work if all components within the frame have been tested and certified.

Tripleseal IG Ltd would be pleased to advise on the merits of the various options available.

Products - Tripleseal IG

Tripleseal IG Ltd

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T: 0203 222 4052
E: enquiries@tripleseal.co.uk

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