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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Heritage - Tripleseal IG Ltd
Heritage - Tripleseal IG

Tripleseal are delighted to offer their Trilite ultra slim sealed unit designed to accommodate the needs of the restoration and renovation sector.

Our Trilite slim unit is manufactured using Edgetech’s  Super Spacer Heritage bar, retaining the performance which is associated with all Edgetech’s products.

Super Spacer Heritage is a pre-desiccated silicone foam spacer featuring Edgetech's unique dual seal system. A special acrylic adhesive on the spacer edge and a multi-layer vapour barrier backing combine with a hot melt butyl secondary sealant to provide outstanding durability and gas retention. The structural foam is impregnated with a 3A desiccant to a minimum of 48% of its weight. As with our standard Super Spacer product, Super Spacer Heritage is aesthetically pleasing in appearance and will blends in with any frame finish. With just 3mm depth for ultra slim sightlines, making the Trilite unit from Triplseal IG Ltd and ideal partner for timber window manufacturers and installers.

In addition to the above we are the only manufactuer in the UK of original Proto Heritage & Kensington applied bars.

Options for Trilite sealed units are as follows:

Tripleseal IG

6mm overall sightline

Tripleseal IG

Soft-coat glass

Tripleseal IG


Tripleseal IG


Tripleseal IG

Argon, Krypton or Xenon gas filled options

Tripleseal IG

12mm overall thickness

Tripleseal IG

Proto Heritage & Kensington applied bars

Products - Tripleseal IG

Tripleseal IG Ltd

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T: 0203 222 4052
E: enquiries@tripleseal.co.uk

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