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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Tripleseal IG Ltd
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Tripleseal IG IGU (Insulated Glass Units)
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Laminating - Tripleseal IG Ltd
Laminating - Tripleseal IG

The call for toughened laminated has increased in recent times due to higher demand for safety and security in areas such as train stations, airports, shopping malls & banks.

The product negates the threat of injury from glass fragments as two pieces of toughened glass are bonded together to form a laminated sheet of glass.

The process allows the freedom to combine numerous types of glass together allowing architects and designers considerable scope in their choices of application, whether it be for solar control, thermal insulation or purely for decorative requirements.

It can be supplied either in single form or manufactured into a sealed unit and is ideally suited for the following applications:

Tripleseal IG

Glass Canopies

Tripleseal IG


Tripleseal IG

Glass Floors

Tripleseal IG

Secure by Design projects

Tripleseal recently procured from RCN Kiln Solutions their Powerlam continuous laminating line.

Dramatically reducing lamination time using S-LEC EN EVA this unique process can also use PVB with great success giving the opportunity to use two different types of interlayers and enhance productivity.

Unlike the traditional autoclave process of laminating which is multi-cycled our Powerlam line can reduce time cycles by as much as 70%.

Products - Tripleseal IG

Tripleseal IG Ltd

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T: 0203 222 4052
E: enquiries@tripleseal.co.uk

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